How should I market my brand through paid ads on TikTok? What are the challenges?

When marketing a brand on a social media site such as TikTok, there are a few things to be aware of. It can be very expensive to try and market your brand on this app and if it isn’t carried out correctly, it will be a great loss of money to the business. As long as the ads you are creating are perfect for the target audience you will be reaching you should be fine. It is key to remember that TikTok has a very young average user group.

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The people who are likely to see your ads and completing these challenges will most likely be between the age of 12-19, so making sure you create fun, appropriate and gripping ads is important. The current level of marketing on this app is a lot lower than on some of the other apps. However, TikTok has the added benefit of being addictive and is regularly used by millions of people. This creates a higher chance of the ad being seen, over other social media platform such as Instagram.

Paid Ad campaigns
As TikTok is reasonably new to the social media world, the process of making an ad isn’t a completely smooth process on the app yet.  However, ads still work perfectly well for promoting a brand. The ads are designed to pop up in between other videos whilst users are scrolling through. As long as the advertisements are good quality and as entertaining as other videos users will watch it and potentially click on it taking them to the business page or website.

Ads are a good way of getting promotion for your brand on TikTok. However, the video needs to be gripping and specific to the audience as it is very easy to skip over them by just scrolling past. Most videos on TikTok are short videos of around 15 seconds.

This is not a long period of time to get the advertising message across, so the ad needs to be loud and bright from the first second. It is also beneficial to use music that is popular at the time and recognisable as this will help, due to the fact that people will want to listen to the song and are more likely to remember the ad content.

Brand Takeovers and branded lenses:
Brand takeovers are when a brand pays to take over the advertisement on TikTok for a day. During this time the brand generate GIFs, videos and ads that have links to their account or a challenge they have made. This is a great way of promoting a brand as they pop up on millions of people screens throughout that day. Using promoted hashtags during this time can also help due to the fact that whenever anyone clicks on the link it takes them straight to the business’s page.

Branded lenses work in a similar way; however, they are used in the videos and pop up when someone is going to make a video. If the user then sees this they may remember seeing the challenge and get involved with it. Also having the lenses allows for random but related videos to be made with the brand label on it.

The new thing about these lenses is that they come in both 2D and 3D styles so they are extra fun for people to get on board with. Branded lenses are a new addition to TikTok so now is a good time to get your business involved with the new trend before it changes to another trend that might be harder to market and promote with.

Launching a hashtag challenge:
A hashtag challenge is when a video goes viral with specific and original moves or video sound, the creator of this video will mark it with a hashtag for example ‘icebucketchallenge’ the video would then show a video of the icebucket challenge being completed. It is made into a challenge in hopes that it gets shared around promoting whatever cause it is for, if it’s a good challenge that gets people involved and targets the right audience then it will be easy to share around TikTok.

Some brands have launched a hashtag challenge whereby the user has to wear their clothes or buy their food, this is a great way of marketing as people love to be involved in the challenges and don’t want to miss out, so they buy the products resulting in more sales. Even if the challenge is simple it is more likely to be made viral, the easier it is the more people can be involved in it meaning a wider spread of publicity for your business.

In-feed native content:
In-feed native content is when the brand uploads their own advertisement on their page in between other uploads. The idea of this is that it fits in with the theme of the rest of the posts so it doesn’t stand out as a direct promotion. These are beneficial as you don’t have to pay to have them on you page, however, they can have the same links to your website, and promote your products.

These posts are usually in the form of a 15-second-long video with loud music and minimal writing. The purpose of this is so that when other users scroll down the brands page they are approached by a loud and colourful screen, which will give the user interest into what it’s for and why it’s there.

Top view:
This works in the same way that brand takeovers do, however they are slightly more effective in the terms of getting views. The main function of topview is that the advertising video is displayed when any user opens the application.

Another key difference is that these ads can be videos from in-feed, meaning they can be taken from your page and put into the ad. This is instead of a photo/ less enticing video used for the brand takeovers. The most important thing to remember is to try and keep all your videos child friendly and bold wherever they are being advertised.

If your business isn’t currently using TikTok then certainly create an account and check it out. TikTok could be a great marketing tool for your company, if you approach it and use it properly. If this is something you are interested in, check out the ultimate guide to marketing GEN Z on TikTok.

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