Marc Bonne

PhD in Information Science

Sonic UX founder and UX specialist

Marc takes his 8-year long industry background and academic research in the UX field to help create user-friendly/engaging web and mobile apps. His previous experience involves working with public sector organisations and large corporations such as eBay and Groupon, numerous UK and US universities as well as a range of startups in different industries across the world. 
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Core competencies

UX/UI design

UX writing

Web development

Data analytics

User research

Games user research

Education and qualifications

The University of Sheffield (2014 – 2020)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), HCI (Cognitive Psychology), Library and Information Science (Part time)

  • A user experience research study on the impact of browser-based mathematics games on student mathematics anxiety.
  • Data collection and analysis use mixed methods, involving an existing quantitative scale to measure mathematics anxiety and the use of qualitative observations and interviews to identify particular aspects of online maths games that affect mathematics anxiety.
  • Recruited students via email, lecture/workshop shout-outs as well as meeting students in around the campus to take part in the study. Organised test venues, prepared camera/microphone and monitoring equipment for recording and analysis.
  • Analysed mathematics anxiety data as well as mouse/keyboard strokes and facial reactions using SPSS and NVivo. Furthermore, analysed observation and interview data using thematic analysis in Morae Manager and NVivo.
  • Currently writing up results and discussion containing user experience findings, as well as mathematics anxiety results and analysis. The data will be used to create a model of UX components in online games that impact mathematics anxiety. The model will be then used to create online games that reduce mathematics anxiety.

The University of Sheffield
(2006 – 2009)

Dual Honors B.A. – Business Management and Information Management (2:1)

Achieved highest grades (first class) in modules such as:

– Principles of Marketing
– Business Intelligence
– Organisational Behaviour
– Quantitative Methods and IT

Activities and Societies: Achieved Sheffield Graduate Award – Being a Course Representative for Management School – Working voluntarily as a web designer/copywriter at Oxfam. – Working as a carer. – Completing the Sheffield Enterprise Skill Build course alongside studying.


Wakeling, S., Willett, P., Creaser, C., Fry, J., Pinfield, S., Spezi, V., Bonne., M., Founti., C., & Medina Perea, I. (2020). ‘No comment’? A study of commenting on PLOS articles. Journal of Information Science, 46(1), 82-100.

Bonne, M., Webber, S., & Clough, P. (2018). Everyday mathematics of university students. iConference 2018 Proceedings.

Webber, S., Clough, P. & Bonne, M. (2016). An exploratory study into the usability of online maths games. Proceedings of the European Conference on Games-based Learning. Available here

Work experience

UX Consultant (Contractor) – Sonic UX (2010 – present)

Digital projects for public and academic organisations.

  • Worked as a UX contractor serving public sector organisations, such as University of Sheffield, Stanford University, NHS, European Commission, as well as several large private sector organisations such as Zalando and eBay.
  • Collaborated with product owners, designers, developers and other stakeholders to carry out interviews, focus groups, observation sessions in agile environments. Work to identity the needs and characteristics of target audiences for apps and websites using observations and interviews.
  • Used tools such as eye-tracking, face recognition as well as screen, keyboard and mouse recording software Morae to monitor user behaviour during user testing.
  • Improved sales/retention and engagement rates through redesigning the interface and flow of websites and apps based on the user research findings. Created user stories, profiles, user flows, and journey maps. Designed hi-fidelity interactive mockups using Figma, Photoshop, Axure RP, Webflow. Also used Balsamiq Mockups, or simply paper and pen to sketch wireframes.​
  • Created mockup mobile apps using BuildFire/HTML and CSS.
  • Adjusted user interfaces and wrote copy to suit various communication mediums such as desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Increase traffic to site by using copy on Facebook LinkedIn and Google Ads.
  • Used HTML/CSS and Jquery to implement the frontends of websites. Designed on top of CMS applications such as WordPress for blogging.
  • Monitored website performance using Google analytics. Gathered user feedback from app users remotely and using guerrilla testing.

Part-time Usability Research Assistant – University of Sheffield (2017 – 2019)

  • Ran workshops teaching students how to use the eye-tracking, facial recognition and Morae recording equipment in a usability lab, as well as ensuring studies run smoothly.
  • Wrote technical guides on how to the Facereader and Observer software for face recognition studies for websites and games.
  • Performed systematic research of the literature on current user experience issues for diabetes/IBS and running apps.
  • Created a usability questionnaire based on the System Usability Scale (SUS) to gather ease of use information on current apps on the market.
  • Used social media to target and contact potential participants to take part in the survey about app usage among runners, diabetes and IBS sufferers.
  • Distributed SUS questionnaire to participants and analysed data in SPSS
  • Helped write a report containing, user flows, information architecture creation and user journeys based on findings to be published as a journal paper.

Part-time Teaching Assistant – University of Sheffield (2014 – Present)

  • Taught on modules for Human-Computer Interaction, Systems Modelling and Project Management
  • Organised and ran group tutorials/workshops for students on creating user stories/user flows, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure, DTL’s (Detailed Task List) SSADM, agile and general project management methodologies.
  • Helped book and organise exam rooms and invigilate exams.
  • Marked coursework assignments using formative as well as summative feedback.
  • Managed newer teaching assistants in supervising students.

Web Developer– Philips Automotive (2008 – 2009)

  • Researched competitor sites of Oxfam in order to identify UX styles and trends.
  • Developed Oxfam bookshop website using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.
  • Wrote web listing copy for eBay products.
  • Took photos, scanned and edited images of products using Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks. 
  • Used guerrilla testing to introduce customers coming in-store to the new website and acquired feedback, identifying UX issues and trends with the overall platform, and adjusted the design based on the feedback.


President of the iSchool Society – The University of Sheffield(09.2017 – 09.2019)

Organised social and academic events for students at the University of Sheffield Information School. Managed a team encompassing a secretary, treasurer and PR/inclusion officer.

Basic six responsibilities include:
1. Managing Change
2. Delegating Tasks
3. Taking Responsibility
4. Motivating the Committee
5. Communicating
6. Calling and Chairing Meetings

Acquired feedback from students via questionnaires/workshops about events they may want to participate in while converting them to become new paying members of the society.

Worked with committee and Information School staff to organise workshops, hackathons, coffee mornings, lunch and sports socials while staying within the societies budget.

Assembled committee to brainstorm events for the future and delegated tasks to committee members.

Faculty PGR Representative for Information School – The University of Sheffield (2017 – 2018)

Departmental level:

  • Represented PGR students at departmental meetings such as general staff meetings and research committee meetings. Took to these meetings issues that PGR students would like to be raised, and took from these meetings points of interest in departmental policy that affect PGR students.
  • Helped organise PGR student events within the department, for example, student seminars/conferences.
  • Help administer surveys of PGR students to provide the department with information about student views.
  • Assisted in open day events for prospective PGR students.
  • Helped with the induction of new PGR students.

Faculty Level:

  • Attended PGR student Faculty Forum meetings, representing students from their own department at the faculty level. Took to those meetings issues that students from their departments would like to see raised that affect all PGR students within the faculty, for example, training provision, or issues which they feel have not been suitably addressed at the departmental level.
  • Helped organise training/social events for PGR students in the faculty, ensuring they stay within the small budgets allocated.


Tools: Figma, WordPress, Python, SPSS, Google Analytics, NVivo, Axure RP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and Illustrator.

Web development: Figma, UX/UI, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery and GitHub.

Languages: Native English.

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