We specialise in projects with ad budgets of around $5k a month or more. This is so we can guarantee the results. Below are some examples. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our work.

European Commission: FashionBrain Showcases website
Portfolio website designed for the project and funded by the European Commission. The purpose was to get inquiries from the EU-based academic researchers into the project, and their save their details as warm leads to be used to market future events such as conferences and new papers. The site was developed in HTML/CSS Javascript. It uses image galleries to showcase different types of machine learning techniques utilised by popular fashion e-commerce websites. The landing page was promoted via a 6 email campaign spread over 6 weeks to a list 2500 list of researchers in the machine learning niche in Europe, generatimg 1217 clicks and 427 inquiries over the space a week.
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Northumbria University: Rainy Day (iOS app)
An app that helps consumers learn how to save money, featuring blogs and quizzes. This was part of a research project looking into consumer perception of emergency funds. The project was funded by Think Forward Initiative and Northumbria University.
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Stanford University: Trauma (iOS app)
As part of a research project by Stanford University looking into collaborative crowdwork, we designed a mobile and web app to help EMTs (Emergency medical technicians) to transmit patient information en-route to hospital. The research led to an award-winning paper with 817 downloads and 37 citations.
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NHS Abbeydale Pharmacy
Advised on social media strategy for platforms such as Twitter and Facebook leading to increased exposure. Helped optimise paid social content such as Facebook adverts to generate link clicks and potential sales. Provided consultancy on general online and offline marketing efforts leading to strengthened ties with customers.
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The University of Sheffield: UX research on handwashing imagery
In collaboration with the University of Sheffield and Glasgow, we used Facereader software to detect the range and intensity of emotions invoked from handwashing related text and imagery. With the data we created personas which could be used for designing posters for public health. The research took place in a usability lab provided by the UOS.
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Conducted user research and created hi-fidelity mockups for a text analysis app aimed to help researchers analyse qualitative data using advanced text analysis. Interactive prototypes were built in Figma with the landing page designed using HTML/CSS + JS.
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Our services

UX research

What makes the users of your services want to click? We gather information about them, their needs and pain points. We then using quantitative and qualitative methods such as questionnaires, interviews, personas and usability testing, to create profiles you can act on. 

UX/UI design

How do you encourage usage of your online service? We create wireframes and interactive prototypes, integrating branding, design, usability, and function, making your apps accessible and engaging to your audience. 

UX writing

What do you want your users to do? We use information about your users to craft engaging, concise words that guide them through your application and gets them to take action. From your website or app, to emails and social media.

Design systems

How do you improve the efficiency of the design process? Design systems help you do more with less. Defining styles, components and patterns help teams in public sector departments create user-centred digital services to achieve your goals.

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