Understanding Europe’s Fashion Data Universe.

The FashionBrain project is a €2.8m 3-year project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. The FashionBrain project aims to combine data from different sources to support alternative fashion industry players by predicting upcoming fashion trends from social media as well as providing personalised recommendations and advanced fashion item search tools for customers.

The challenge

We were tasked with the design of a website showcasing a range of machine learning tools and techniques in an accessible and easy to understand way for the general public.

The process of design

1) Initial face-to-face meeting to discuss the scope of the project, as well as the layout and components of the design. 

Output: Sketches of design drawn on whiteboard. 

2) Create wireframes that describe the layout and colour scheme of the site. Colour scheme based on the existing Fashion Brain style for consistency purposes.  It was decided not to prioritise a mobile version of the site as the most of the audience would access the site via desktop.

Output: Hi-fidelity designs created in photoshop. Sent to EU commission for approval.


While the design did not necessarily need to be responsive. In case of the future changes. The site was a built on the back of a bootstrap template.

We used HTML5 and CSS3 for the entire website. Showcase images were provided by the EU commission. 


Coded website approved by the research lead and the European commission.

Our services

UX research

What makes the users of your services want to click? We gather information about them, their needs and pain points. We then using quantitative and qualitative methods such as questionnaires, interviews, personas and usability testing, to create profiles you can act on. 

UX/UI design

How do you encourage usage of your online service? We create wireframes and interactive prototypes, integrating branding, design, usability, and function, making your apps accessible and engaging to your audience. 

UX writing

What do you want your users to do? We use information about your users to craft engaging, concise words that guide them through your application and gets them to take action. From your website or app, to emails and social media.

Design systems

How do you improve the efficiency of the design process? Design systems help you do more with less. Defining styles, components and patterns help teams in public sector departments create user-centred digital services to achieve your goals.

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