Rainy Day app

Don’t be caught in the rain.
Get forecasts for your future expenditure and savings.

Many households do not have necessary savings to deal with unexpected shocks, such as a car breakdown/unemployment. Our project aims to run a series of behavioural experiments examining expense predictions and savings targets among the general public. Funded by the Think Forward Initiative.

The challenge

Design a useful app help with personal financial planning.

The process of design

Our interactive app is based on a research project at Northumbria University. Our intended audience is the general public who are interested in ways to save more money. The key features of the app are to provide useful information, videos, quizzes, and a chat area for users to learn tips and tricks about improving personal finance.
Find the app here

Our services

UX research

What makes the users of your services want to click? We gather information about them, their needs and pain points. We then using quantitative and qualitative methods such as questionnaires, interviews, personas and usability testing, to create profiles you can act on. 

UX/UI design

How do you encourage usage of your online service? We create wireframes and interactive prototypes, integrating branding, design, usability, and function, making your apps accessible and engaging to your audience. 

UX writing

What do you want your users to do? We use information about your users to craft engaging, concise words that guide them through your application and gets them to take action. From your website or app, to emails and social media.

Design systems

How do you improve the efficiency of the design process? Design systems help you do more with less. Defining styles, components and patterns help teams in public sector departments create user-centred digital services to achieve your goals.

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